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Meet Jeremy

Jeremy Levine

Hi, I'm Jeremy, founder of We ArtPlay.


My teaching philosophy is simple: learn how to improvise & make your own music by developing a deep understanding of how music works.


Harnessing my conservatory education in jazz piano, I've created fun & practical methods that give you the tools to improvise, compose, and learn your favorite songs starting from our first lesson! We develop your creative voice so that you can sit at the piano with confidence and play your music without reading a note. 


I am a full-time music teacher, and a professional musician. I've performed with dozens of bands spanning a wide variety of genres including jazz, classical, rock, musicals, pop, hip-hop, folk, blues, salsa, reggae, Balkan, electronic, R&B, Indonesian gamelan, West African, and Afro-Cuban.


I look forward to making music with you soon!

"Now I only need to see a piano and I can play beautiful music."

Virginia Meikle

"Jeremy has incredible gifts as a teacher to inspire others to find their musical voice."

Caitlin Morelli

 "I never imagined being able to play without reading music!"

Tony Fraenkel

"Jeremy showed me that I, too, can write beautiful music."

Tyler Sullivan


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