We ArtPlay Piano Curriculum

  • 01

    Fundamentals of Improvisation

    • Naming the White Keys

    • Naming the Black Keys

    • Key Mastery - Scales, Dyads, and Triads

    • Composing over Drones

    • Composing over Basslines and Chord Progressions

  • 02

    Exploring New Keys

    • Keys

    • Pentatonic Scales

    • Key Mastery 2 - Pentatonic Scales, Intervals, & Modes

    • Improvising in Other Keys


  • 03

    Playing with Harmony

    • Nature's Harmony

    • Triads

    • Smooth Voice Leading

    • Key Mastery 3 - Triad Inversions

    • Diatonic Chord Progressions


  • 04

    Playing Your Favorite Song

    • Roman Numeral Analysis

    • 7th Chords

    • How to Learn Songs

    • Transpose to Fit Your Voice

    • Key Mastery 4 - 7th Chords & Inversions

    • Play Your Favorite Song


  • 05

    Final Composition Project

    • We ArtPlay Piano Final Composition

Meet the Teacher: Jeremy Levine

We ArtPlay Founder & Lead Facilitator

My life’s mission is to make arts education accessible and empowering for all. As a professional jazz pianist, I have performed across the U.S. and internationally with dozens of bands spanning a wide variety of genres and cultures, including classical, rock, musicals, pop, hip-hop, folk, blues, salsa, reggae, Balkan, electronic, R&B, Indonesian gamelan, West African, and Afro-Cuban.

Though I love performing, these diverse experiences have led me to my true passion: teaching. I find joy in opening my students’ imagination and developing their creative skills and talents. I believe art is essential for wellbeing, and play is essential for growth. Through We ArtPlay, I seek to weave a global community of artists and learners of all ages and artistic disciplines.

Let’s spread joy by unlocking our creativity, together!

Jeremy Levine

We ArtPlay Founder & Lead Facilitator

What's Included

  • 20 Video Lessons

    With over 4 hours of videos, our innovative curriculum is a practical, step-by-step method that empowers you with the foundational building blocks of musical creation without having to read any sheet music!

  • Personal Feedback

    Submit recordings of your playing directly to Jeremy for individualized feedback as you progress through each chapter's composition or improvisation project.

  • Creative Empowerment

    Rather than mindlessly playing through sheet music, our curriculum will have you composing and improvising starting on day 1 through a deep understanding of music's inner-workings.

Piano Fundamentals Video Course


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Video Course like?

    Watch over 4 hours of video lessons at your own pace to learn the fundamentals of creating on the piano. Each video explores a musical concept, and demonstrates clear, step-by-step methods that you can practice to incorporate these concepts into your piano playing. What makes this course unique is that it uses NO SHEET MUSIC, making it accessible for all! Click here for a FREE PREVIEW.

  • What will we learn in this course?

    This course focuses on the fundamental building blocks essential for musical creation. Rather than learning how to replicate other people's music, we start creating original music on day 1 with a supportive community of fellow ArtPlayers! The goal is to gain practical skills and a deeper understanding of music's inner-workings so that you are empowered to create beautiful music, and find joy through musical play. Click here for a FREE PREVIEW.

  • Can I learn with a group?

    Yes! Check out our live Group Course, where we learn the foundational building blocks essential for musical creation in 6 weeks with a cohort of fellow ArtPlayers.

  • Do I need a keyboard?

    Yes, you need a keyboard to participate in this course. If you don't have one, invest in your artistic growth! The most budget-friendly keyboards are MIDI controllers, which cost ~$100. A stand-alone beginner keyboard is $250-300, while an intermediate keyboard is ~$600, including a keyboard stand and sustain pedal.

  • Do I need to be an experienced pianist to join this course?

    You do not need any prior musical experience! Even if you've never touched an instrument, by the end of this course you will be able to create and perform original compositions and arrangements of your favorite songs. Those with prior experience have found this course essential in filling fundamental gaps in their understanding of music theory and composition.

  • Do I need to read sheet music to participate?

    No, you do not need to have any music literacy skills to join this course. To ensure accessibility, all content is created without the use of standard music notation. Sheet music is not necessary for musical creation!

  • What other live learning opportunities are available?

    Check out our Live Workshops! These a la carte workshops are a great way to meet our awesome ArtPlay facilitators, and explore a variety of creative mediums without needing to commit to a full 6-week course.

  • Are there any free courses?

    Check out our Free Mini-Series, where we explore how to ArtPlay some of the greatest piano intros of all time!