ArtPlay Academy

Learn piano 1-on-1 with Jeremy! We'll create a personalized program to achieve your music goals that fits your schedule.

Piano Fundamentals

START HERE! Understand how music works, and learn to improvise, compose, and play by ear.

Jazz Piano

Learn to improvise in classic jazz styles, create beautiful jazz chords, and play the blues.

ArtPlay Library

All of our most popular tutorials, plus in-depth lessons, sheet music, exercises, & practice strategies.

Piano Improv

Explore music's essential elements, and learn how to improvise & compose your own music.

Chord Mastery

Play-along exercises to master music's most essential chords in every key.

Advanced Chord Mastery

Play-along exercises to learn the chords used in modern styles like jazz, gospel, R&B, neo-soul...

21 Chord Progressions

Turn chords into music, with 60+ techniques for creating progressions with diatonic chords.

Body Percussion

Learn rhythm with your body, play grooves from around the world, and create your own music!