Jeremy Levine

My life’s mission is to make arts education accessible and empowering for all. As a professional jazz pianist, I have performed across the U.S. and internationally with dozens of bands spanning a wide variety of genres and cultures, including classical, rock, musicals, pop, hip-hop, folk, blues, salsa, reggae, Balkan, electronic, R&B, Indonesian gamelan, West African, and Afro-Cuban.

Though I love performing, these diverse experiences have led me to my true passion: teaching. I find joy in opening my students’ imagination and developing their creative skills and talents. I believe art is essential for wellbeing, and play is essential for growth. Through We ArtPlay, I seek to weave a global community of artists and learners of all ages and artistic disciplines.

Let’s spread joy by unlocking our creativity, together!

Jeremy Levine

We ArtPlay Founder & Lead Facilitator

Giovanni Gargini

As member of the We ArtPlay team, I believe the arts are one of the greatest means of communication in our human world, and that play is the key to a youthful and harmonious life. Since meeting Jeremy in 2012, we’ve shared our passion and feelings for music in both performance and education. I joined the We ArtPlay team because I believe everyone should have access to these powerful tools that help us dig deeper in our personal creative ocean.

When I was 8 years old I began playing drums to direct all my explosive energy into creating rhythm. Rhythm is a law of nature like gravity or quantum mechanics. We live in a rhythm, our rhythm, our particular groove! You can see it from the way we walk, talk, breath, eat and play!

In high school I founded my first jazz band and my musical journey began. Jazz opened a new way of playing and thinking, more spontaneous and creative. I attended the Conservatory in Bologna and in Amsterdam, learning the foundation, history, and technique of the drum set. When I returned to Italy I started to become more interested in the learning process, and after four years of studying I became an accredited teacher of the Feldenkrais Method®. My passion for music then led me to body percussion, as a method to teach rhythm to everyone, from kids to adults.

Reviving my childhood passion for singing, I began performing as both a drummer and singer in a huge variety of genres, including early jazz, pop, bossa nova, modern jazz, and a lot of original music. I'm now performing with different kind of bands like the Smogz (Contemporary Jazz), Talking Ties (Jazz/Swing), the Gutbuckets (Ragtime, Dixieland and Blues) and The Twisters (Rock & Roll).

You can find all my information on my personal website

Giovanni Gargini

Drums, Body Percussion, & Feldenkrais Method

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